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Clean Oceans for Our Community

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

Problems We Address

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a core focus for our business as we see their value in accelerating the world forward. Our technology completes a major piece of a bigger environmental and social puzzle, so we are aiming to work collaboratively with governments, academics and private sector businesses, to make a contribution to many of the SDGs

In each of the areas below, we hope to make a significant and focused contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals by aiming to:

1. No Poverty

provide employment opportunities and to help businesses produce different revenue streams from our units in low, middle and high income countries.

2. Zero Hunger

have operators of our units contribute resources, such as water, fertiliser, biochar and nutrients from our units' process to benefit food production.

3. Good Health and Well-Being

provide a community focused and financially viable solution to enable the clean up of unhealthy environments and providing alternative pathways for wastes.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

provide a technology solution that focuses on biosolids to resources and addresses growing issues surrounding sludge management.

13. Climate Action

By providing units that can increase carbon sequestration, e.g. through creating a char, replacing the need for fossil fuel reliance, e.g. our ORC unit, and decreasing the volume of GHGs released through landfill and burning, e.g. offsetting biosolids going to landfill.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

By creating an affordable technology solution for various waste streams to ensure wastes are being converted back to resources. This is essential in creating healthy and resilient communities.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

By assisting governments and communities to move towards sustainable consumption and production by providing technology solutions that can fill gaps in our Circular Economy by capturing the full value of our problematic waste streams, such as sewage waste. Also by looking at waste heat opportunities and converting these to power.

14. Life Below Water

providing a scalable solution for dirty and mixed plastics that can put value on this waste stream which could help reduce plastics from entering our waterways.

15. Life on Land

By putting value on wastes to ensure they do not enter our environment and addressing emerging contaminants, e.g. within biosolids.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

By operators creating bioenergy or renewable energy from our relevant units.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

By providing automated and decentralised solutions which create local employment, local manufacturing and various revenue streams.

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

By providing novel process technologies that will work to boost industry and work alongside other innovations.

17. Partnerships for the Goals

By building long-term partnerships with industry and government in order to deliver the best technology solutions to environmental problems.