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Clean Energy to Power Our Community

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

Problems We Address

Sustainable Development Goals

Our technology completes a major piece of a bigger puzzle, so we are working collaboratively with governments and private sector businesses, to make a contribution to many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

United Nations

In each of the areas below, we make a significant and focused contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals by aiming to:

No Poverty

Reduce poverty by creating employment opportunities and income-generating activities for people in communities we serve in both the developed and developing world.

Zero Hunger

Eliminate hunger by contributing water, CO2, fertiliser and nutrients to boost food production.

Good Health and Well-Being

Improve health and wellbeing by providing incentives for people to clean up unhealthy environments where they live and providing alternative pathways for sewage and garbage.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Provide sustainable technology options for wastewater treatment that prevent sewage and contaminants leaching into water supplies and remediate valuable water for use.

Climate Action

Increasing carbon sequestration, slowing demand for oil, gas and coal and decreasing the volume of greenhouse gases released through landfilling and burning.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Support cities and communities to become more sustainable by creating an affordable and environmentally friendly source of heat and energy and provide solutions to a variety of waste and pollution issues.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Assist governments and communities to move towards sustainable consumption and production patterns by providing low-cost heat for recycling, and reducing reliance on hydrocarbon fuel sources, powering the circular economy.

Life Below Water

Prevent harm to fish and birds, turtles and marine mammals caused by plastic in the oceans by creating incentives for people to collect it before it enters waterways. We also provide alternatives that reduce the flow of sewage and other pollutants entering our water ecosystem.

Life on Land

Rehabilitate soils contaminated by drill cuttings, volatile hydrocarbons or ‘forever chemicals’ such as PFAS. We also reduce waste pollution in the environment and provide alternative fuels to reduce deforestation.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Generate reliable and affordable clean energy from dirty waste that was destined for burning or landfill.

Good Health and Well-Being

Generate economic growth by creating cost-effective energy for manufacturing, creating a new economy of waste and powering the circular economy.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Lead innovation in the waste-to-energy industry, providing solutions to drive distributed power generation infrastructure that is practically sustainable.

Partnerships for the Goals

Build long-term partnerships with industry and government in order to deliver the best technology solutions to environmental problems.