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Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

What we're working on

Advanced Solutions for Biosolids & Other Biomass Wastes

IQ Energy Australia manufactures and delivers on-site turnkey, modular and scalable waste to resource units. We supply sophisticated and easy to maintain gasifier, pyrolyser and indirect dryer units. The systems have been designed for use on all types of biomass wastes, for:

> Bioenergy production > Reducing weight and volume > Lowering moisture content > Saving on trucking/disposal costs > Creating an easy to handle product > Addressing emerging contaminants > Reducing leaching, vermin and odour > Reducing stockpiling > Creating Biochar > Resilient future-proofed end markets.

The Small IQ Gasifier-Dryer Model

The Large IQ Gasifier Dryer Model

Biomass to Resources

As can be seen above, there a range of pathways we can look at for biomass wastes and we can work through mass energy balance models with you to see which are the most viable options. Often biosolid wastes have a higher moisture content so a gasifier/dryer combination is the most efficient combination as the heat from the gasifier can be used for the drying which creates a renewable and autothermal loop. 

Our units are designed to adapt to various feedstocks and create a variety of resources useful for local communities or industries. Our aim is to help you tailor a complete turnkey, plug and play solution to meet your current needs and simplify base logistics.

If larger volumes of wastes need to be addressed the modular nature of our units allow multiple units to be pieced together to meet demand as a cost-effective solution.

Our Indirect Dryer unit can be a standalone unit by using a range of heat sources, such as generator exhausts, to dry wet wastes or it can pair up with the gasifier or pyrolyser unit. The gasifier and pyrolyser units can also be standalone units provided the waste has a low moisture content (15 – 25%mc).

We can work with you to understand your current challenges and how we can best tailor a solution to meet your waste needs. We have further brochures and slide decks we can provide upon request and we are happy to meet with you at anytime to talk through our technology.

Gasification Unit (G300)
Alberta, Canada

Indirect Dryer Unit (IDT1000)
Saskatchewan, Canada