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Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

What we're working on

Modular, Scalable and Containerised Advanced Recycling

One unit: Process ~8,000 tonnes of mixed waste or plastic rich feedstock per annum

Twelve units: Process ~100,000 tonnes of mixed waste or plastic rich feedstock per annum

IQ Advanced Recycling Units

IQ Energy Australia, with their Canadian Partners, IQ Energy Inc., are currently building their first modular, containerised and scalable advanced recycling unit in Canada. This will be a commercial scale project to prove the units viability of recycling dirty and mixed plastics back into a plastic derived crude oil or gas that can be further refined into a variety of consumer or industrial products, including virgin plastics.

The novelty of the IQ Energy approach is the patented Thermal Molecular Sorting (TMS) process, accompanied by dry gas cleaning, this opens up the opportunity to address dirty and mixed plastics and recycle a higher volume of plastic molecules. The repeatable and rapid manufacturability of the IQ Advanced Recycling units allow them to be affordable, scalable and replicable to suit a wide range of locations, urban, regional or remote. The units are designed to be off-grid by generating their own power and heat and financially viable even with minimal disposal fees.

“Advanced Recycling has an estimated $120 billion annual market in North America, highlighting its economic potential.” – (CSIRO, 2021)

Advanced recycling technologies to address Australia's plastic waste

Report by the CSIRO: Australia’s National Science Agency.

Our profile can be found on page 25 of the report.