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Clean Land to Live On

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

How we do it

Our Technologies:
Modular Advanced Thermal Treatment Units

G-300 Thermal Gasification Module

IDT-1000 Indirect Dryer

At IQ Energy Australia, we provide continuous and easy to maintain units to convert problematic waste streams into useful resources to help build a Circular Economy. The units are manufactured, transportable and can be easily integrated on-site. This model makes highly advanced technology accessible to a wide variety of communities and industries in a decentralised or centralised model, providing a range of positive impacts for them, including reducing their waste footprint and dealing with long term waste issues such as legacy wastes. All IQ units are designed to be compact and are a heavy duty mechanical design for harsh environments. The units also have exceptional accessibility and visibility for easy maintenance. By processing waste on-site, the units help in reducing odour and noise, as well as the cost and environmental impact of transport.

Different waste streams may require different solutions, for example some biomass wastes may be best suited to a dryer only pathway, where as other wastes may be better suited to our thermal treatment units. As part of this we can work with you to assess which resources are most beneficial to produce from our units, such as heat, water, renewable gas, biochar, mineral ash, which can be used in agriculture, community, or for industrial purposes. For each of our thermal treatment units, an ‘E-skid’ for emissions control has been configured into the units to ensure negligible emissions are produced while operating.

All of our units are highly automated with the ability to be controlled by a smart device via satellite and they have a user-friendly digital PLC interface which allows full and simple control with remote data support and assisted monitoring. This ensures an intuitive and effective design providing reliable and consistent plant operation.

In addition emergency procedures are built into the programming and the operators do not need to be high skilled engineers as training and support can be provided by us.

How do the IQ Units Work?

The IQ Indirect Dryer takes any wet waste, biomass or mixed waste, and dries it to a desired moisture content to produce an easy to handle product for agriculture or industry use. An Indirect approach means the feedstock and the heat source do not mix, so the nutrients can remain within the product and the waste is not scorched. We can work with you to understand what the best heat source is for your IQ Indirect Dryer, whether that is to complement existing infrastructure already on your site or to bring in a cost-effective heat source.

Due to the modular and containerised nature of the dryers an operator can have multiple units fitted together for larger biomass volumes. 

The IQ Gasification process is a safe and highly controlled two-step process using controlled heat to produce gas from waste in an oxygen starved environment. These gases are then oxidised in a very controlled process to produce heat. This process results in a cool, clean flue gas with negligible emissions and a very efficient extraction of useful resources from the waste. The IQ Gasifier converts dried organic content from the dryer into valuable resources, including heat to self-sustain the IQ Indirect Dryer or for use in industrial or community heating needs. The IQ Gasifier also produces other safe and clean resources, such as biochar, fertiliser, mineral ash and clean water, which all have a use in agricultural or industrial purposes.

The IQ Pyrolyser uses an endothermic reactions that uses heat to break the chemical bonds at a molecular level, e.g. to ‘crack’ plastics back to their gas molecules, so that the gas can be used to produce a plastic derived crude oil or gas that can be further refined into a variety of consumer or industrial products including virgin plastics.

The pyrolyser can also be used for biomass to produce a renewable syngas for bioenergy production or for other industrial applications.