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Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

How we do it

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

IQ Energy Inc. are the Canadian technology developers who have spent years developing this technology. We hold the exclusive selling rights to the IQ Energy Inc. technology for this region. At this stage we will be bringing the technology from Canada and we will look at moving manufacturing to Australia for locally sold units as we continue to develop.

Prior to setting up IQ Energy Inc., the Canadian technology developers built over 30 industrial gasification plants across North America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Case studies of these legacy plants can be provided upon request.

We provide modular and sophisticated advanced thermal treatment units, for various waste types this includes gasification, pyrolysis and indirect dryer units. These units are manufactured, transported and delivered onsite within 10-12 months and can be easily integrated into current site layouts due to their compact footprint. IQ Energy units have emissions controls built in to ensure only safe and clean resources are produced with negligible emissions. All units are highly automated with the ability to be controlled by a smart device via satellite. The units also have a user-friendly digital PLC interface which allows full and simple control with the ability for remote data support and assisted monitoring. This highly automated process increases the efficiency and safety of waste processing and mitigates risks around staff shortages and knowledge loss from individuals leaving the role.

Together with our Canadian partners we are also in development of a low cost and low temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Unit which can power/work at significantly lower temperatures than standard ORC machinery. Using the ORC for energy production from heat sources, such as concentrated solar, low grade geothermal, industrial processes, etc. is an effective way to produce baseload, emission-free energy and lower the planets carbon footprint.

Our gasification unit (G300) has been piloted in Alberta, Canada by IQ Energy Inc. Currently being manufactured in Alberta is a gasification and pyrolysis unit which IQ Energy Inc. aims to have operational early 2024.

Mid 2023 the first commercial demonstration of the Organic Rankine Cycle will take place in Alberta.

In Canada there is an indirect dryer unit soon to be operational as well.

With our technology we provide the sophistication of a large industrial plant, with built in automation, remote support and monitoring and emergency controls, but on a more approachable scale. All of the units we supply are designed to be rapidly manufactured and scalable to meet your needs. They all have a compact footprint and are often just a couple of shipping containers.

Footprints of unit configurations can be provided upon request.

About Our Technologies

We acknowledge that our thermal treatment technologies, like all thermal technologies produces ash. Although the feedstock and contaminants present within the feedstock largely determines what this ash will look like, whether that be more like a biochar/mineral ash that can be used for agriculture or a stabilised ash which is useful in industry, e.g. road making. Our goal is to find a beneficial use for the ash for operators of our units and to ensure the ash from all of our supplied units will meet EPA standards. We are currently working with researchers to find further use ideas for the ash output.

Positive environmental and social impacts are the core focus of our business. Our technologies use highly controlled processes which means we can have greater control over all of our outputs.  Each of our thermal treatment units have built in sophisticated environmental skids (ESkid) including proven emission controls to ensure the cleanest and safest outputs are produced. 

Our aim with our units is to provide a tool for operators to create a positive impact to the community’s health, by cleaning up the environment, by stopping landfilled wastes and promoting a clean and safe solution for future generations.

Water is a vital resource for our community. All of us want clean water and have the right to feel concerned about any industrial activity that could emit harmful pollutants into our waterways. Water is a major problem for a landfill because waste that is brought in contains significant amounts of water which eventually leaches into the land and contaminates the surrounding environment and promotes microbial growth producing methane and other gases.

With IQ Energy Thermal Treatment and Dryer Units no additional water is added into the process, and  steam is not released into the atmosphere but instead it is condensed into a usable water. 

We see advanced recycling as an alternative to landfill, not as an alternative to mechanical recycling and other valuable approaches. We support mechanical recycling and want to keep good waste disposal practices in place. It’s important that we reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and recover as much of our waste as possible, but the growing amount of mixed and dirty plastics entering landfill means we must develop new behaviours and technologies that reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Most of our units will be set up by operators on pre-existing waste sites and capture the value of waste that is normally stockpiled underground, especially problematic wastes that cannot be recycled. We want to work with the government and community to prioritise mechanical recycling, composting and processes high up the waste hierarchy and only capture the unwanted waste that may be left over. 

Our goal is to provide a tool for operators to clean up landfills and the environment from wastes and to eradicate the need to stockpile wastes. By doing this we believe the local economy and land values will be maintained and potentially even improve by significantly reducing the emissions and waste footprint for the area.