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Clean Soil to Grow in

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.
IQ Energy Submission to Australian Government Energy Technology Roadmap.

Problems We Address

Our Place in the Waste Hierarchy

Modular advanced thermal treatment technologies, being gasification and pyrolysis technology, positions itself in the Waste Hierarchy as the gatekeeper’ saving waste from landfill or burning at the local level. The IQ technology was designed to deal with problematic waste streams, such as mixed and dirty plastic, domestic rubbish, medical waste, contaminated soils and biosolids, that had few options apart from landfill or burning.

Australia sends 13.8 million tonnes of domestic waste (MSW) to landfill each year, which is the energy equivalent of 2.5 million tonnes or 60 super tankers of Natural Gas being buried each year.

IQ Energy Submission to Energy Technology Investment Roadmap

Our Contribution

Our technology typically fits in the vital Recover stage of the Waste Hierarchy. We are the last gatekeepers before waste reaches disposal – where it ends up in landfill or being burnt!

Our vision was to produce technology to deal with the problematic waste that had few options apart from landfill or burning, such as mixed and dirty plastic, domestic rubbish, sewage waste and manures.

We also contribute to higher stages in the hierarchy:


Recycling requires a lot of heat and electrical energy. Our technology creates a cleaner more sustainable source of energy to power a recycling plant.


We provide a solution to repair contaminated soils and water.


Materials need cleaning and sterilising before they can be reused and this requires power, which we can supply.


As an alternative to natural gas and other hydrocarbons, we directly reduce the amount being extracted, as well as all the associated energy used to explore, extract and refine these fuels.

In this way, we provide energy and other valuable products to fill gaps in the Circular Economy.