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Clean Pastures to Graze

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

Our Purpose

Redeeming Waste: Waste as a Waste or Waste as a Resource?

Our purpose is summarised in our tagline: Redeeming Waste. 

Where some see garbage in landfill, we see a valuable resource of untapped potential. We seek to redeem what was worthless, dead and buried, turning it into things of great value.

We can see how avoiding stockpiling waste today can have a range of community and environmental benefits now and for future generations.

Did you know that the average Australian produces around 560 kg of solid waste every year, including over 103 kg of plastic waste! However, 87% of this plastic was sent to landfill!

2018 Blue Environment

Australia buries the equivalent of 2.65 million tonnes the equivalent of LNG every year.

Australia sends 13.8 million tonnes of domestic waste (MSW) to landfill each year, the energy equivalent of 2.65 million tonnes of Natural Gas being buried each year – that’s equivalent of 60 super tankers. That’s a huge waste.

Dispersed Waste Problems

  • 1,297 landfill sites in operation
  • 1,225 wastewater treatment plants
  • Many other waste producing sites

Key Issue: 

  • Every site is an emitter and potential polluter

Key Opportunity:

  • Every site is a potential source of energy and valuable products

Key Strategy:

  • Solutions need to be local

Dispersed Circular Resources