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Clean Living Water

Photo by Ken Duncan. Copyright 2020 Divine Guidance Pty Ltd.

Why We Exist

About IQ Energy

IQ Energy is an innovative environmental technologies company providing modular advanced thermal treatment solutions, repurposing waste locally into clean renewable energy and other valuable products, for local communities and businesses in Australia and the region.

We are more than a tech company.

We see ourselves as an environmental company using the world’s best available technology to make a big social and environmental impact. We see ourselves not as an alternative to recycling, but as an alternative to landfill.

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Technology will drive a successful shift to secure, more affordable energy and lower emissions. Deploying the right technology when and where it is needed will allow Australian industry to capture new opportunities from rising global demand for lower emissions products and services.

Australian Government Technology Investment Roadmap (2020)

Waste-to-Energy Technologies

By designing, building and marketing a suite of environmentally sustainable Advanced Thermal Treatment technologies that convert environmentally damaging waste streams into clean energy and other valuable products. We are powering Australia’s evolving circular economy by addressing local issues with local solutions and assisting local communities and businesses in the process.

We’re currently building relationships for ongoing collaboration with governments, talented environmental consultants and engineers, private sector waste management companies, large-scale waste producers and energy-users.

Watch this space.